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Adult Education

Sunday Adult Forum
9:00-10:00 a.m. in the Covenant Room
We do offer a variety of learning opportunities in conjunction with our Sunday School for people of all ages. Sessions are held from 9:00-10:00 am. Our adult education offerings are planned by a team of lay members and clergy, sessions are also taught by lay and clergy.

January Adult Education
January 15 & 22   "The Holy Land - Fall 2016". Presented by travelers from MCC.

January 29   "Dialoging the Bible". Don Falkos provides an introduction to a potential series of Bible Study for members of MCC.

Going, Going, Gone--Planning a Good End of Life: You’re never too young to start thinking for yourself, and about those you love."
Resources Available
This series encourages courageous conversations with our loved ones and families to ensure that we have the end of life that we chose. We wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to learn about this valuable topic, even if they couldn't make it to 9 am Sunday Adult Ed, so we created this Google Doc (click here) full of links and resources. There are videos and radio broadcasts, newspaper articles and healthcare sites. Hopefully all the sources will either help you learn if you aren't able to join us, or deep-en your knowledge if you can.

Our Sunday Schedule
Worship During the School Year
10:15 am September -- May
Summer Sunday Worship:
  9:30 am Memorial Day-Labor Day
  Advent Lutheran, ELCA
     Worships in the Blessing Room
  Community of Hope, UCC
     Worships in the Covenant Room
  No Summer Sunday School

9:00 am Education For All Ages
     During the School Year

Faith in Action for Racial Equity (FARE)
11:45am – 1:45pm
Bring Your Lunch or Snack

Sundays, January 22 & February, 26
This month, the FARE group will meet on Sunday, January 22, after worship. The group had two assignments from their December meeting. The first is to shape their personal learning goals. Our monthly sessions are great times for learning. However, effective engagement with racial justice requires a commitment to lifelong learning for each of us. FARE personal learning goals are a chance for participants to practice asking themselves what they most need to learn or how they are called into action, and then taking accountability--with the group's support--to follow through with those goals. The second assignment asks participants to begin writing their spiritual autobiographies, using the lens of race. Being conscious of our experiences based on race is a way of being conscious to the ways that race advantages and disadvantages on a daily basis. Throughout the coming months, different persons will share their spiritual autobiographies with the group. Stories are a powerful way to learn.

The resource provided for writing this type of autobiography is the new UCC curriculum called: "White Privilege: Let's Talk--A Resource for Transformational Dialogue." It can be downloaded for free at Even if you aren't in the class, you might find this guide interesting and useful. We've also set next month's date as Sunday, February 26.

Caring for Our Corner of Creation
What is a “Sense of Place?”
“Caring for Our Corner of Creation” is a study-action program designed to help congregations carry out mission and ministry with a deepened, enriched, and engaged sense of place. Click here to download a PDF of this program.

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