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Weekly E-Letter
Each week, MCC sends an email newsletter with details about worship; congregational events, activities and opportunities; information about happenings in the community and wider church; and more. You can subscribe to this free e-letter! Click here.

Stewardship – Jubilee!
“You shall hallow the 50th year and “You shall hallow the 50th year and you shall proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you.” (Leviticus 25:10)
With the annual opportunity for you to re-examine and renew your commitments to our congregation in membership, financial pledges, and time and talent availabilities, this year, we base our program around a Jubilee theme of what God has been accomplishing in our midst for 50 years and how we contribute to that continuing forward. To read more, see the Weekly E-Letter. Sign up for free here.

The Big Read"Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism"
By Drew G. I. Hart

BIG READ Conversations
Already signed up for a book group but need to confirm the dates or location? Look up online here or check out the list in the Welcome Center. Drop-In Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 7 pm through November 13 at Dorothea Torstenson’s home, 5605 Laurel Court. RSVP’s are appreciated, dtorstenson@gmail.com

BIG READ Event for Families of Children and Youth: RSVP Now!

BIG READ Date Set for Cross-Generational
Art Event

Join us on Saturday, Nov 17, 12-3pm, for an opportunity to respond to the themes of the BIG Read by creating a work of mosaic art together. No art experience needed! We’ll be ably led by Sara Jordan, Lindy Wilson, and Tina Hogle.

Save the date for the BIG READ weekend – Dec. 1 and 2!

Middle & High Schoolers: Pick Up Your Free Book!
As part of our BIG Read this fall, we’ve ordered a copy of the novel The Hate U Give for each of our Middle and High School families. We’ll distribute books at the Middle School Sunday School Class this week, but for those who can’t be there and for our High School families, we’ll have your copy in the Shalom Room (on the table next to the wall where the big quilt is hanging. Please pick up the book labeled with your name.

BIG READ Celebrations
Both Jen Streit and Pastor Sonja applied for Thrivent Financial Action Team Grants in support of the Big Read and were awarded a combined total of $500. We're so grateful that grantors are affirming the value of this project by putting money behind it! Each contribution gets us closer to covering the overall costs.

All Saint’s Sunday and Community of Hope’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
November 4
During a shared MCC worship, we will again have a chance to light candles in remembrance of the saints in our lives, and we will celebrate the ministry of saints past and present and future at work through Community of Hope as part of MCC. The worship will be followed by an luncheon reception hosted by Hope.

Hope is 50! - Timeline
Community of Hope folks, did you see the timeline on the wall on Sunday? It encompasses the 50 years of our beginnings and 50 years into the future. Please add your own memories, special events, or photos to the historical portion of the timeline. And add your hopes and dreams for our ministry to come, and the capacities you think we need to move boldly into God’s call for us, wherever God may lead in the coming years.

MCC Chime Choir
While listening to the MCC Chime Choir, have you ever.....
1) thought about learning to play one
2) said to yourself, I can do that
3) thought WOW, this group seems to have a fun time ringing those chimes
4) I want to join this group.

Now is your chance. Anyone, age 10-99 who can read music just a little bit, is invited to check out the chimes after worship services on Sunday, September 16 and 30. We will meet in the Blessing Room by the altar. All are welcome! If you have questions, contact Jean Einerson

Faith Formation & Affinity Groups
Fellowship groups, Bible study groups prayer groups and shared interest groups are all found on our Faith Formations & Affinity Groups page. Click here.

Chrysalis Community Partnership
In the third year of a partnership, clients from Chrysalis are using garden produce to make and sell popsicles, and this year they are helping in the garden. They were recently featured (with recognition of MCC gardens) in this Cap Times article.

Bible Conversation
If you’re interested in reading through the Bible next year, new guidebooks can be found on the back table in either sanctuary or can be downloaded by clicking here.

Two Minute BibleTwo Minute Bible
MCC member Don Falkos has been working on a new Bible storytelling project to offer Bible stories in two minute episodes. That’s why it’s called “Two Minute Bible” and is found at http://twominutebible.com. Two new stories are posted each week.

Java For Justice
First Sunday of the Month
Coffee can be purchased in 12 oz. ($10) or 4 lb. ($45) bags; regular or decaf; bean, drip or perk. Make your checks payable to Mt. Meru Coffee Project and place them in the envelope by the sign-up sheet in the Shalom Room on the Coffee Table. Your support remains the sustaining force in the lives of many coffee-farming families in Tanzania. Thanks for your continued support.

Food Drive for Lussier Food Pantry
First Sunday of the Month
Please remember to make a special effort to bring food for the pantry. Suggested items include canned goods (fruit, vegetables, tuna, beef stew, fruit juice, etc.), also peanut butter, jelly, and cereal. We also need large paper grocery bags. Please do not put pet food in with donations for the Lussier Food Pantry. We do not have facilities to handle fresh produce. For those who prefer to donate money, checks can be made out to the Lussier Community Education Center, designated for the pantry. Dobbin McNatt, Coordinator


Education for all ages
If you are interested in being involved with the leadership of Adult programming, contact a pastor. If you are interested in being involved with children or youth education, please contact Jen Streit or sign up on the MSP Online Scheduler. Click here for more information.

Sunday School
Check out what's happening in Sunday School this week! Weekly Sunday School news for October 21

High School Social Hour
High schoolers are welcome to join pastors this Sunday morning, Oct. 21 at 9:00am at Panera on Junction Rd for some free breakfast and time together.

Sunday Adult Discussion
3rd Sunday of the Month at 9:00 am

All are welcome to attend Adult Discussion (formerly “Parent Hour”) the third Sunday of the month in the downstairs area. Anyone with interest in sharing the challenges and occasional triumphs of parenting is invited—the group is accepting, and always has a robust discussion. Anyone with a commitment to our youth, regardless of parental status, is encouraged to join us!

Upcoming Adult Ed;9:00 am
10/21 - Learn about the MCC Food Pantry gardens, the volume of vegetables we produce, and connections with organizations all around town!

10/28 - Doctrine of Discovery: Partially in preparation for a resolution to be considered at the Wisconsin Conference Annual Meeting next spring, we’ll look at this half-millennium-old church declaration that justified the European colonial project of conquer, coerced Christianity, and the enslavement and genocide of indigenous peoples. The Doctrine continues to negatively impact Native Americans and other communities of color today.

11/4 - Along with All Saints Sunday and the 50th anniversary celebration of Community of Hope, we’ll reflect and discuss in small groups who are the great cloud of witnesses and saints who have surrounded and influenced us in the past and up until now.

11/11 - Pastor Nick’s friend Denny Weaver, a retired Mennonite theology professor, will discuss some contemporary theologies that help us understand the Big Read, including the black theology of James Cone, womanist theology of Delores Williams, and the current cutting edge from Kameron Carter.

Boundary Waters 2019
All interested adults who would love the opportunity to be a group leader to the Boundary Waters, the dates are set - June 17-23, 2019! If these dates work for you and you would like to co-lead a group of amazing MCC youth to this pristine wilderness area please put it on your calendars, add it to your Stewardship Time and Talent list, and let a BWCA Committee member know! We’ll have a chaperones meeting next Sunday, Oct. 28, after worship.

Tree Lane Connections
MCC has a ministry with the new supportive permanent housing project for 45 families on Tree Lane near Mineral Point Rd.

Ongoing Donations: Lots of items are needed. Check the list in the Shalom Room Donation Center or click here.

Little Free Farmer's Market: The Green Team would like to be able to supply residents with a “Free Farmer’s Market” weekly during the growing season. But this will require the volunteer efforts of others in the MCC who can deliver produce to Tree Lane and stay for about an hour to assist with distribution. Interested? Contact Jean Einerson at jaeiners53@gmail.com.

School Volunteers: With this influx of students to John Muir Elementary from Tree Lane apartments, volunteers are at the school for mentoring, assistance in classrooms, and reading with kids. Contact John Muir Elementary School directly, (608) 663-8170.

Weekly Bible Readings
Within the Worship-to-Go booklet are some general Bible reading options, but if you’d specifically like to connect with what is read in worship and reflect on those, you can find them here.

Calling All Ringers!

If you are a ringer for a bowling team, softball team or any team for that matter, THE CHIME CHOIR WANTS YOU!! The Chime Choir rehearses the last 2 Wednesday evenings of the month from 6:00 – 7:00 PM in the Blessing Room. The choir plays the first Sunday of the month from October-June and for the Epiphany choral concert. Chimes are easy to play, so all are welcome. This includes Junior and Senior High “ringers.” Be a “ringer” for the MCC music team to bring beautiful music to the worship service. If you have questions about the chime choir, please contact Jean Einerson at einerward@tds.net.

Epiphany Choir 2018
Epiphany Choir Concert 2018 Directed by Jen Striet

Community of Hope UCC

Pastor Sonja Away Oct 8-20
Pastor Sonja will be taking vacation beginning Monday, Oct 8, returning for worship on Oct 21.

Grow in Faith with the UCC Lay Academy
Lay Academy is a ministry of transformation and faith formation offered by the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ. Participants dive into scripture, explore theology, consider God’s presence in their lives and discover fresh ways to speak about and live out their faith in their day-to-day lives. Classes are held throughout the year. For more detailed information, go to www.wcucc.org/layacademy or talk to Pastor Sonja.

Exploring God’s Call in a Changing World
This new prototype course is being offered jointly by the Wisconsin and Minnesota Conferences of the UCC as part of exploring innovative leadership development. It will help participants learn how to fully engage in theological reflection and how to share this engagement with others. Beginning and ending with a weekend retreat, the course will also include 4 “online sessions” that focus on mindful listening and self-awareness as well as the ways in which others have explored their own sense of call throughout history and in the contemporary world. It runs Sept 15-Dec 8, 2018. Cost is $250, plus course materials and lodging/meals for the two in-person sessions. Learn more here. Register by July 30.

Advent Lutheran Church

2019 Holy Land trip?
Pastor Nick’s tour of Israel/Palestine this November received insufficient sign-up to work. He has a chance to recoup some of the expense and planning efforts if there is interest in a 2019 trip. Could you please help with some feedback by completing this quick four question survey?  Whether you have lots, some, or no interest, your response would be helpful!

Annual Reports
Click here to download the Madison Christian Community 2017 Combined Annual Reports


In the Wider Church . . .

Free Weekly Devotional Message
Every Monday Augsburg Fortress sends a devotional message and selection of artwork based on a Bible reading. Start Monday with a little bit more of Sunday! If you’re interested, click here to sign up.

Lutheran Campus Ministry Partner Dinner!
We’re so grateful that your support makes our ministry with students possible! Please join us as we recognize you and share updates. This year, rather than invitation only, the dinner is open to all! Join Pastor Nick there,
Sunday, October 28, 6:30pm (worship at 5:30) at Lutheran Campus Ministry, 325 N. Mills St. (next door to Luther Memorial). Get more information or RSVP now.

Wisconsin Conference
United Church of Christ

All members, friends and clergy of the SWA Congregations are invited to this celebration at Congregational United Church of Christ, Evansville.
Sunday, October 21, 2018, 2:00pm Installation, Dr. Lee Butler (Chicago Theological Seminary) will be preaching. A light reception will follow the installation service.


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