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Madison Labyrinth Walks: Deepening Spiritual Paths
Labyrinth Walks open to the public are scheduled for the Equinox and Solstice throughout the year. Please enjoy our outdoor labyrinth from May through October. For more information or to be on the labyrinth email list (2-3 per year), contact the church office.

Outdoor Labyrinth

What is a Labyrinth?Labyrinth
The labyrinth is a prayer tool as well as a walking meditation tool found in many religious traditions around the world. It is a spiritual pathway for people seeking the Divine. This appears to be true regardless of our faith tradition. This labyrinth is a circular two-dimensional pattern printed on a surface for walking. The labyrinth has only one continuous path which leads you to the center and the same path lead you back out. It is not a maze with tricks and dead ends.

The winding path helps us to become quiet and reflective. Walking the labyrinth invites us to experience our gratitude for life. It can help us to be in-touch with our sorrows and our joys. It is a wonderful tool for helping us discover metaphors that reflect our spiritual journey or help us to learn what we need to know.
The labyrinths at Madison Christian Community are patterned after the labyrinth laid into the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France between 1200-1220. During the Middle Ages many Christians completed their pilgrimages by walking the labyrinth. The center rose was seen as the spiritual Jerusalem.

To find locations of labyrinths in other communities and for more labyrinth information go to

Why Walk a Labyrinth?
A central purpose of all spiritual disciplines — prayer, fasting, meditation — is to help us quiet our outer world so we might have the opportunity not only for prayer but to listen to our inner world and the Divine. Since the labyrinth walk can encourage us to get in touch with our inner selves, many people find their walk on the labyrinth helps them to discern what they need to accept and affirm in their lives and what they need to leave behind. Walking the labyrinth can be used to help in decision making, healing from illness or just to find a few minutes of peacefulness.

The best way to learn about the labyrinth is to walk one a few times with an open heart and mind, then allow your experience to guide you as to whether this might be a useful tool for you.

Indoor Labyrinth Future Labyrinth Walks
Winter Solstice Walk: Winter Solstice Candlelight walk will be held on Thursday, December 20 from 5:30pm - 7:00pm.  This special walk will be accompanied by harpist,  Allice Kissling. Poetry on themes of darkness, winter, and silence will be available for reflection.

New Years Day Walk: Tuesday January 1, 2019.

Open Walks

Open Walks on indoor carpeted labyrinth occur on both the spring and fall Equinox and the winter and summer Solstice.

Sculpture & Bench
This is a picture of our outdoor labyrinth, the Namaste marble sculpture
and travertine bench. Both were created and donated by Don Tubesing.

Enjoying the Outdoor Labyrinth
The outdoor labyrinth is in a very pleasant setting and lends itself well to spending some quiet time before or after your walk. Bring your own lawn chair or a blanket, your journal and maybe even a cup of coffee. You could place your lawn chair in the center of the labyrinth before you begin your walk in anticipation of a quiet and relaxing time in the center. If you come in the evening, sunsets can be spectacular.

MCC Labyrinth Walks
7118 Old Sauk Road Madison, WI 53717
Come and walk our new outdoor labyrinth. You will be welcomed by a sculpture, "Nasmaste," invited to sit on a newly placed marble bench, and when you are ready, step into the 7-circuit Santa Rosa Labyrinth. The sculpture and bench are creations of Don Tubesing, member of Madison Christian Community.

Opportunities for a Congregation or Group to
Use the Labyrinth
Since the labyrinth is a metaphor for our spiritual journey, it is a wonderful tool for retreats and other occasions when people are asked to reflect on their journey. The labyrinth lends itself well to special times of transition in individual lives and in the life of a congregation or organization. An anniversary, or the dedication of a new building, the arrival of a new pastor or staff person, beginning of a new program, seasonal celebrations would all be strategic times to use the labyrinth. The labyrinth is also a very good processing tool and may be helpful during times of decision making or situations that call for healing and reconciliation.

Due to the number of labyrinth walkers for whom candles are not welcoming, we do not use candles for the open walks that are held 2nd Sunday and 2nd Wednesday of the months November - April. We also do not light candles for the New Years Day Walk. However, there will be candles for the Winter Solstice Candlelight Walk.


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