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The Confirmation Class is Ready to “Do Something Good”—Again—with Your Help
Each year the confirmands are provided a small amount of money (we’re shooting for $50 each), and told to “Do Something Good” with it.They and their mentors develop and execute some kind of service project through the Lenten season, and then report on their efforts during an Adult Education Forum after Easter. The projects have been meaningful and wide-ranging in the past. You are invited to be a part of this effort by donating seed money for this project. Checks should be made out to MCC, with Confirmation” in the memo line. With five student this year, we hope to collect a total of $250.Thanks for considering a donation. Youth will make their presentations at Adult Ed on April 23 or 30. You are guaranteed to be impressed and inspired!

Endowment Committee Now Accepting Grant Applications
Application Download: Click Here
The Advent Lutheran Mission Endowment Committee is now accepting grant applications. Although this Fund is managed by the ELCA Foundation, all MCC members are eligible to apply. The Endowment Fund was created as a way to support ministries that are above and beyond our operating budgets and meet the following criteria:

· Local faith-based social minist ries serving basic
       human need
· National/International faith-based organizations
       meeting basic human needs
· Financial assistance to MCC members for
       post-secondary education
· Innovative new programs or ministry initiatives
       within the MCC consistent with the MCC
       mission and purpose.
· Environmental stewardship ministries

Grant awards vary and are based on the above criteria, availability of funds and prior funding history. Please note that the application form has changed and is available on our website under the events and announcements tab or from the church office staff. The deadline for applications is Friday, May 19 with awards to be made in early June.

If you have questions about the application process or would like to make a contribution to the endowment fund, please contact a committee member for further information. Thank you. Members: Tom Walsh, Linda Pils, Ann Ward, Julie Krbec, John Rowe, Pastor Nick and Rita Olson

Quilting for Lutheran World Relief
LWR Quilts
The MCC Quilters created 176 quilts in the past 12 months from fabrics donated by the congregation. These donations make it possible to participate in this wonderful Lutheran World Relief mission for the 21st year! For the first time last year the quilters were able to track where THEIR quilts went. They received thank yous from Angola (in Africa), India, and Georgia (part of the former USSR). This year’s quilts were driven to the rail yard on Johnson Street on October 1, and began their journey to desperate families who have lost their household belongings due to natural or man-made disasters. The quilts will be given away—never sold—to people without regard to race, politics, or religion. As long as people will keep donating cast-off sheets, tablecloths, curtains and fabric stash, the quilters will keep making quilts. And those quilts will bring warmth, color, and a reminder of love from half way round the globe. Consider joining the MCC quilters the 1st Tuesday of every month on the lower level at 9am. No prior experience necessary. More pictures on the News page. Click here.

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meetings for Advent Lutheran, ELCA, and Community of Hope, UCC, was held on January 29, 2017, after worship. You will find the 2016 Annual Report and Narrative Budgets for each congregation prior to the meeting.
Hope Narrative Budget
Advent Narrative Budget
Combined MCC Annual Reports

"What Does This Mean?
2017 is 500 years since the Reformation began when Martin Luther nailed 95 points of discussion on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany on Oct. 31, 1517. Throughout the year, we’re encouraging a “back to basics” of Luther’s way of teaching the faith through his Small Catechism. Those will be printed in weekly bulletins of Advent Lutheran. You can also download an app here. (Luther would be all for it – he used the newest technology of his time and had posters printed to be hung in family homes.)

Summer Garden Internship Opportunity
If you are: In High School (grades 9-12), A member of MCC, Love to play in dirt, Can lift 30-40 pounds, Have a flexible schedule: Monday -Thursday mornings 9-11:30, Thursday afternoon 4-6:00;
The MCC Food Pantry Garden wants YOU! This is a paid position. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Jean Einerson (einerward@tds.net).

UCC Southwest Association Annual Meeting
May 6, 8:30am-3:15 pm
St John's UCC in Monroe

The Keynote speaker will be Edie Rasell, UCC Minister for Economic Justice. She will ask, in the light of biblical texts, what we should think and do about the many of our people who are just getting by or are in poverty in our wealthy country. Workshops include these: Hunger at Our Doorstep, Assisting Immigrants, Our Children in Poverty. Get to know our wider church connections! Julie James is one of our lay delegates, and we can have an additional delegate. However, anyone interested can attend. Hope will cover the $15 fee for delegates. Let Pastor Sonja know by April 15 if you're interested in attending.

Thanks for Giving
The Treasury of Love offering for December has provided $810 in assistance so far. Six checks separate checks were written for partial rent, partial car repairs, and shut-off prevention.

The Special Fund provided $675 in assistance in December. Four separate checks were written for eviction prevention, bus tickets for a homeless family, partial rent and DAIS.

In addition to the two special fund offerings collected by Advent and Hope, the MCC supports numerous organizations with time and money. In the past month, we received numerous THANK YOUs for our donations, which help to prevent homelessness and end hunger through MOM; to provide spiritual care and pastoral support to incarcerated inmates at Dane County jail though MALC Jail Ministry and emergency shelter and affordable housing through Porchlight; to support for long-term relief and recovery efforts through Lutheran World Relief; and to enhance and enrich the lives of those living at Oakwood. Thank you for your generosity!

Harvest of Hope
Congratulations to Harvest of Hope!
They just hit the $1,000,000 mark!
In the 30+ years of this ministry, Harvest of Hope has awarded over one million dollars in grant money to Wisconsin farm families who faced financial crises. Way to go! The situations have been extremely varied and include: electric power cutoffs, medical or veterinary bills, house or barn fires, feed shortages, crop failures, herd health problems, machinery breakdowns, low commodity prices, rising input costs, or simply putting food on the table or fuel in the fuel tank. Harvest of Hope grew out of Community of Hope UCC, and continues to receive financial, volunteer, and in kind support from both congregations of the Madison Christian Community, as well as from many other contributors.

Connect with Our Community on Facebook
Anyone can visit the public Madison Christian Community Facebook page to read information about events going on at the MCC and see pictures of our beautiful church and our ministries in action. Find us at https://www.facebook.com/Madison-Christian-Community-90156272046/?

Exploring Options to Assist Our Immigrant Neighbors
At the MCC annual meeting, a Sanctuary Task Force was instituted to help us consider how we might make a faithful response to assist undocumented immigrants in our community who face increased risk of deportation under our current national administration. The task force has begun this exploration, and sponsored two Adult Ed forums in March. The first was an informational session with Sergio Gonzalez of Voces de la Frontera and Rabbi Bonnie Margulis of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice. Both are integrally tied to sanctuary efforts in Dane County, and shared that there are mulitple levels of involvement with sanctuary that churches or church members could engage--from providing housing within the church for an immigrant at risk to accompanying an immigrant to a Homeland Security appointment. The second forum included Rabbi Margulis again, but primarily served as an opportunity for MCC members to gather in small groups to discuss the possibilities and challenges of becoming a sanctuary church. Stay tuned for more information from the task force as next steps are determined. The task force's ultimate goal is to make a recommendation to the Leadership Team.

Faith in Action for Racial Equity (FARE)
Intersectionality: The Interconnectedness of our multiple identities, and specifically how discrimination is compounded when identities overlap a number of minority classes, such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, health and other characteristics.

Upcoming date: April 30
This faithful group is moving more deeply into their work for racial justice, from the what of racial inequity to the “what now” of racial justice work. The more one engages at a personal level, the more the journey requires from us. Yet, it is exactly this engagement that signals a movement from being merely an observer or information-gatherer to becoming an active participant in the anti-racism movement.
Sunday, April 30, at 11:45 am, is the group’s next meeting. They will reflect on the personal stories shared so far, as well as two additional “spiritual autobiographies through the lens of race.” The group will also make decisions about the next phase of its work, including how they might be a resource for racial justice within the wider MCC and the community.

Even if you’re not in the FARE group, you might have interest in reading samples of spiritual autobiographies through the les of race that can be found in the “White Privilege: Let’s Talk” curriculum available free download at http://privilege.uccpages.org/.

Grow in Faith with the UCC Lay Academy
Lay Academy is a ministry of transformation and faith formation offered by the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ. Participants dive into scripture, explore theology, consider God’s presence in their lives and discover fresh ways to speak about and live out their faith in their day-to-day lives. Classes continue with additional sessions in September, November, January, March and April. For more detailed information, go to www.wcucc.org/layacademy or talk to Pastor Sonja.

Hospitalizations & Pastoral Care
Would you like a pastor to visit? As you’re registering, watch for a question about religion and congregational affiliation. You can list MCC, CoH, or Advent. Our staff will be checking with hospitals regularly. You’re also welcome to tell Pastors Sonja and Nick before you go in, or to ask for other visits and spiritual care you may need at any time!

Baptismal Birthday/Dedication Cards
5th grade and younger
The Women of MCC send out cards on Baptism/Dedication anniversaries to children of the MCC who are in grade 5 or younger. Children baptized at the MCC are easy, as we know those dates. If your child was baptized somewhere other than MCC, and you would like them to receive a Baptismal/Dedication card, please send your child(ren)'s names and baptismal/dedication dates to Sarah Zutz (smzutz16@gmail.com). Thank you!

Cancellations at MCC
You will be able to find cancellation notices on our website. Please check there to get news of any cancellation

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