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MCC PURLS Hats for Hurricane Relief Update
With your help we raised over $500 for the Lutheran Disaster Response and donated over 80 warm items to Wexford Ridge, The Lussier Center, and Porchlight. Thanks for your overwhelming generosity and commitment to helping others!

New Prayer Path
Signs are now in to guide you on a meditative, reflective walk around the MCC property. Eleven stops feature signs for you to pause and reflect on our environmental ministries and God’s blessing for you amid creation. The Prayer Path was funded largely by gifts for Sonja Keesey-Berg’s retirement celebration and the path celebrates her 23 years of dedicated service to the congregation. There are adjustments to come, but you are welcome to begin enjoying this mindful journey!

2- or 3-Bedroom Availability?
A family connected to MCC has been living in a camper since summer but is more desperately in need of shelter as winter nears. Any leads on living space would be most appreciated.Talk to Pastor Nick.

Land Use Umbrella Group (LUUG) Update
I hope you have had an opportunity to walk the MCC grounds this summer. Perhaps you participated in the Thursday summer services or picked berries after worship on a Sunday. Whatever the case, the MCC grounds are beautiful. The staff chose a “garden” theme for the five summer outdoor services. The themes were: Beauty, Interconnectedness, Generations, Healing and Bounty. As one looks at the MCC prairies, labyrinth, Memorial Garden, community gardens, chickens, bees, flowers, and food pantry garden, these themes resonate on many levels. LUUG members held 2 summer work days and accomplished many tasks. Click here to read more on page 9 of the September newsletter.

Ask Me About My Pronouns
By Pastor Sonja (she/her/hers)
Many of us grew up in a pink and blue world. Or at least believing we did. Or at least if our gender identities matched the gender we were assigned at birth. “It’s a boy!” “It’s a girl!” Simple, right? There are boys and there are girls. Wrong! “Gender isn’t that simple, folks,” Jennifer O’Ryan wrote in her article “They, Them, Theirs—Why Pronouns Matter in the Conversation About Modern Masculinity.” Read more of Pastor Sonja's article on page 17 of the September newsletter. Click here.

Getting to Know U(CC)
by Pastor Sonja
Click here for the full article on page 19 of the September newsletter.
Even if you already know the United Church of Christ, you’ll want to take another look! At the end 2016, after a year of open dialogue that engaged covenant partners across the full life of the denomination, the UCC Board affirmed a Purpose, Vision, and Mission statement for the denomination. The purpose statement comes from the gospel of Matthew. These will guide our work as we listen for the Still Speaking God, whose Word is made new in this and every generation . . .
Inspired by our vision, the UCC has launched a '3 Great Loves campaign — Love of Children, Love of Neighbor, Love of Creation.’ All ministry settings, including congregations, are encouraged to consider ministry in these areas to further God’s work of “A Just World for All.” In many ways, Community of Hope and Madison Christian Community already reflect this vision and these ministry priorities, which is exciting! Yet, we are invited to consider how we might strengthen any of these areas or other ways God is calling us to participate in this work.

ELCA Synod Assembly Reflections
Check out the Summer 2017 Good Word newsletter for a brief recap from a couple of your delegates to the South-Central Synod of WI, ELCA, Synod Assembly, which took place April 29-30. Click here.

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meetings for Advent Lutheran, ELCA, and Community of Hope,, UCC,was held on January 29, 2017, after worship. You will find the 2016 Annual Report and Narrative Budgets for each congregation prior to the meeting..
Hope Narrative Budgett
Advent Narrative Budgett
Combined MCC Annual Reportss

Lent 2017 ReflectionsReflections of Lent 2017Reflections of Lent 2017

"What Does This Mean?

2017 is 500 years since the Reformation began when Martin Luther nailed 95 points of discussion on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany on Oct. 31, 1517. Throughout the year, we’re encouraging a “back to basics” of Luther’s way of teaching the faith through his Small Catechism. Those will be printed in weekly bulletins of Advent Lutheran. You can also download an app here. (Luther would be all for it – he used the newest technology of his time and had posters printed to be hung in family homes.)

Connect with Our Community on Facebook
Anyone can visit the public Madison Christian Community Facebook page to read information about events going on at the MCC and see pictures of our beautiful church and our ministries in action. Find us at https://www.facebook.com/Madison-Christian-Community-90156272046/?

Grow in Faith with the UCC Lay Academy
Lay Academy is a ministry of transformation and faith formation offered by the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ. Participants dive into scripture, explore theology, consider God’s presence in their lives and discover fresh ways to speak about and live out their faith in their day-to-day lives. For more detailed information, go to www.wcucc.org/layacademy or talk to Pastor Sonja.

Hospitalizations & Pastoral Care
Would you like a pastor to visit? As you’re registering, watch for a question about religion and congregational affiliation. You can list MCC, CoH, or Advent. Our staff will be checking with hospitals regularly. You’re also welcome to tell Pastors Sonja and Nick before you go in, or to ask for other visits and spiritual care you may need at any time!

Baptismal Birthday/Dedication Cards
5th grade and younger
The Women of MCC send out cards on Baptism/Dedication anniversaries to children of the MCC who are in grade 5 or younger. Children baptized at the MCC are easy, as we know those dates. If your child was baptized somewhere other than MCC, and you would like them to receive a Baptismal/Dedication card, please send your child(ren)'s names and baptismal/dedication dates to Sarah Zutz (smzutz16@gmail.com). Thank you!

Cancellations at MCC
You will be able to find cancellation notices on our website. Please check there to get news of any cancellation

Stewardship 2017 Information
Click here.

MCC Sanctuary Update

Our committee working with the Dane Sanctuary Coalition has been very busy. There is a certain amount of urgency given the talk in DC about terminating DACA, which protects the "Dreamers," young folks who were brought to the USA as children. We are getting the room ready, and below is a list of needed donations for you to consider.
We would like for you to consider how you might support this commitment we have made to our immigrant community. Please fill out this survey so we know who we can call on when and if we get a person in sanctuary: https://goo.gl/forms/xEkauJ3ZMYkc5cnq2
We also hope you will come to the first community wide meeting of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition, which will be held at the MCC on September 17 from 7-9pm. Hear about the New Sanctuary Movement, the Dane County response to this, and how you can get involved. Speakers from Centro Hispano and Voces de la Frontera will be presenting, as well as folks on the Coalition steering committee. Any questions, please contact Ellen Lindgren (217-5938) or Leigh Richardson (239-7914)
NEEDED: Items to Furnish Immigrant Sanctuary Studio Bedroom
A palpable sense of fear and uncertainty is increasing in our Dane County immigrant and refuge community. Our goal is to have the MCC Sanctuary Person's studio bedroom ready to go immediately if the need arises. So we need help from everyone. If you can donate any of the following items, please contact Leigh Richardson directly at Lerlavender@gmail.com. ( Please do not drop items at church without contacting Leigh first; she is coordinating items, storage and arranging pick-up if needed. Since the room only has approx. 10 x 10 feet of usable floor space, note the maximum sizes allowed-- Ellen Lindgren is donating a trundle bed which will work well.) See page 12 of the newsletter for a list of items needed. Click here.

MCC Sanctuary Declaration
As a matter of faith, and in solidarity with our undocumented brothers and sisters whose lives and families are being torn apart by immoral immigration policies and enforcement actions, we of Madison Christian Community declare ourselves to be a Sanctuary Congregation. We commit to engage in support, advocacy, and service within our capacity to our immigrant neighbors and, in collaboration with the interfaith community and broader Dane Sanctuary network, to provide physical sanctuary as the need arises.

The Pentecost Spirit was blowing and blazing on Sunday. In separate meetings, both Madison Christian Community and First Unitarian Society affirmed becoming the first declared sanctuary site congregations in Madison for undocumented immigrants at high risk for deportation. Orchard Ridge UCC will meet to determine their participation as a sanctuary congregation on June 18. It’s important to name all three of our congregations as we announce the MCC decision because the deep discernment that led to our decision is set within the context of an interfaith movement seeking to respond collaboratively to this urgent need asked of us by our local immigrant community.
Read more about this on page 1 of the Summer 2017 newsletter, click here.

Faith in Action for Racial Equity (FARE)
Intersectionality: The Interconnectedness of our multiple identities, and specifically how discrimination is compounded when identities overlap a number of minority classes, such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, health and other characteristics.

This faithful group is moving more deeply into their work for racial justice, from the what of racial inequity to the “what now” of racial justice work. The more one engages at a personal level, the more the journey requires from us. Yet, it is exactly this engagement that signals a movement from being merely an observer or information-gatherer to becoming an active participant in the anti-racism movement.

Even if you’re not in the FARE group, you might have interest in reading samples of spiritual autobiographies through the les of race that can be found in the “White Privilege: Let’s Talk” curriculum available free download at http://privilege.uccpages.org/.

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