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Sunday School

We welcome children of all ages to be a part of our faith
formation programs!

Sunday School Volunteer Needs

Birth – 4K (20 minute lesson)
Elementary (Snack; 15 min - Music, Move; 30 min - Story, Create)
Middle School (30-45 min – games, activity, puppets, community service, cooking) A good Middle School helper is a calm presence who is genuinely interested in the youth. No special skills required – just be Authentic, Available, and Affirming! The lead teacher will plan and orchestrate the lesson.

Click the Volunteer button to sign up for Sunday School Volunteer opportunities.


Sunday School in Lent
Lenten House Churches! Sign up to be a part of this great community & faith building, intergenerational opportunity. Click here to sign up. Dan and I are excited about House Churches, because of the incredibly meaningful experience we had during the Advent season at our church in the Twin Cities. Each week the same small group gathered around a candle on a coffee table at Jeremy and Tracie’s home. Babies were crawling around, and we still managed to quietly reflect on the Word together. It brought some of the deepest meaning I’ve ever experienced during the season of Advent and left a wonderful memory in our hearts. After the lovely coffee chat we hosted this fall, I particularly look forward to the MCC journeying through Lent with a small group and marking our hearts with these experiences.

If committing to a small group doesn’t work for your family, we encourage you to attend our traditional Holden Evening Prayer services on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and/or consider adding or giving up something as a family Lenten discipline.

Noisy Offering is back for Lent! Students are invited to collect change when invited by the Pastor. After learning what the Sunday School children are passionate about, we will announce the causes we will support on March 5.

During Sunday School in March and April, students will be preparing something special to share during worship on Palm Sunday.

Upcoming Events
Sunday, April 9 Palm Sunday Something Special
Sunday, May 21 Sundae Sunday – Celebration Worship & Church Picnic

Be sure to save these dates on your summer calendar:
June 8-10 MCC Family Camping at Bethel Horizons
June 24 Steeple-to-Steeple Fundraising Bike Ride, Fitchburg

February 2017

Sunday School,
February 2017

2016 Rotation Sunday School Updates

  • Online Registration! Click here:
  • Age groupings: Birth-4yrs, K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th (middle school)
  • Birth-4 class will be a Preschool CoOp Sunday School Class that will meet in the Middleton Preschool area. Parents will take turns leading simple, age-appropriate lessons. Structure will be free play, story, simple activity or game, snack, free play. If you need childcare during the Sunday School hour, your child will be a part of this class – our nursery worker will be there regularly. For ages 2 and under, we recommend having a parent stay with the child until the child can participate in the structure of the class with minimal assistance.
  • Middle School will have its own rotation schedule and set of activities: 1st Sunday of the month – puppets 2nd Sunday – service project 3rd Sunday – cooking 4th Sunday – games/activity
  • 9th graders and older are welcomed to sign up to be helpers or lead stations
  • Parent Hour/Let’s Talk will continue in a new location downstairs – stay tuned!

Theme "Christians around the World" This fall, we will be learning about the Holy Land and connecting with the adults travelling there this fall, perhaps even getting to Face Time with them during Sunday School on October 30! In the spring, we'll "visit" other parts of the world and find out what it's like to be a Christian in other countries.

Shepherds (the adults who are with the children regularly – primary job is to get to know them)
Birth-4 CoOp: Sarabeth Hall, Maria (HS), + Parents
K-2: Alyssa Sellwood, Gina Utrie, Maca Lynch-Kattman, Iris (HS), Tyler (HS)
3-5: Julie Krbec, JoAnne Streit, Edd & Natalie Hellmer, Yohana (HS)
MS: Amy Huff, Ann Miller-Holman, Nicky McElfresh

Volunteer Opportunities!
(contact Jen Streit if interested):
Library data entry – come in once a month for approx. 1 hour to enter new materials into the database. Jen will train and provide support as needed.

Library labels – come in once a month for approx. 1 hour to put labels on the new materials and onto the shelf for checkout. Jen will train and provide guidance.

Families in Worship Task Force – a group of people who will take a look at how the MCC welcomes families into the fold, investigate how we can provide more support to families in worship, and take a closer look into family hospitality. A subgroup may work on updating the children’s areas in the sanctuaries.

Parish Protection Program – Did you know that our policy says nothing about internet use and safety? It’s time to update it, and we need your help! Jen has a good start on this with a few people, but it would be really helpful to add a few more insightful people.

ALSO, Where in the World Are You Travelling This Winter/Spring?
If you would be interested in helping us learn about Christians around the world, please email or call Jen Streit to let her know where you are going so we can make a connection. Don’t worry, we won’t take over your itinerary – just maybe a few minutes.

Picture Gallery
Click here for more pictures

Our Place in God's World: Garden Curriculum
Click the links below to download portions of the curriculum.
God's World 1         God's World 3          God's World 6
God's World 2         God's World 4          God's World 7
God's World 2a       God's World 5          God's World 8

November, 2016. Click image to enlarge.
November 2016November 2016

Preschool (age 3) - 8th Grade
High School Youth are also welcomed to teach Sunday School.
Click here for other Middle and High School Youth Group activities

Adult Education
Adults meet upstairs in the Covenant room.
Click here for Adult Ed topic schedule.

Let’s Talk: New Name for Parent Hour
Same Great Discussion
2nd Sundays from 9am-10am

Click here to learn more.

Family Library
The family library is located in the common area of the lower level. Please feel free to check books out to enjoy. Directions on how to do so are located on the top of the book-shelf with the card box.  Click here for more information.

Remember All Those Quarters!
Here is what all those quarters did to help others.
5 Goats! ($120 each)
1 Flock of Hope (chickens, ducks, or geese) ($20 each)
2 Flocks of Chicks ($20 each)
$10 Where it is needed most!

Summer Camp!
Here are some links to Lutheran and UCC summer camps in Wisconsin that offer many pro-grams for children and families, ranging from 1 to 5 days:
Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville
Crossways Camping Ministries: Imago Dei Village, Clintonville; Pine Lake Camp, Waupaca; Waypost, Hatley
Lutherdale Bible Camp, Elkhorn
Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville
United Church of Christ Camps: Pilgrim Center, Ripon and Moon Beach, St. Germaine

Sunday School

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Click image to enlarge
April, 2016
Tobogganing 2016Photos from Family Tobogganing @ Lutherdale Camp taken by Alyssa Sellwood & Nick Utphall

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