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Community of Hope, UCC

A Community Called Hope
Community of Hope is an Open and Affirming community of faith.
We celebrate all races, abilities, creeds, socioeconomic statuses,
religious upbringings, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

God is Still SpeakingWe come together
As people on a journey,
Respectful of our diversity
Supportive of our callings and
committed to learning
what it means to be the body of Christ
in the world today.

We celebrate all races, abilities, creeds, socioeconomic statuses, religious upbringings and sexual orientations.

For more information contact the church office: (608)836-1455.

Worship in Community of Hope
summer Worship at 9:30
Psummer of Psalms for Community of Hope
Each week in our individual Hope worship we will focus on a particular type or genre of psalm: thanksgiving, trust, lament, justice, penitence, imprecation (vengeance), and ascent (unity, worship). Those worshiping with Hope are invited to contribute to this worship series in one of two ways:
1) Write an original psalm in a specific genre and read it (or have it read) in worship or
2) Write and share in worship a brief (no more than 3-5 min) reflection on a particular genre of psalm. What does that type of psalm evoke in you? How do you connect it to your faith?
We will include one original psalm and one reflection each week, depending on whether folks sign up. Sign up online here, or on the sheet on the bulletin board on the back wall of the Covenant Room.

8/18 shared MCC Pride Sunday Celebration
This week MCC worships together at 9:30 am in a celebration of Pride. The Summer Pick-Up Choir will add their voices in song. If you wish to be a part of the choir under direction of Sybil Klatt, come at 8:15 am to practice before worship. “Love is Love is Love is Love” is a wonderful song that comes from the Justice Choir Songbook. Click here to view the score. Here are some YouTube links – to introduce you to the piece, but note that there are many ways to arrange! -;

In the afternoon, MCC will host a booth at the Madison Pride Festival at Warner Park from 1-6 pm. A big THANK YOU to the many who have signed up to provide hospitality at the booth and in other ways are helping us prepare to extend Christ’s welcome at the festival.

In 1995, Community of Hope became an Open and Affirming Congregation and Advent a Reconciling in Christ congregation. We celebrate that for almost half of MCC’s 50-year history, we have covenanted publicly to be a faith community that not only welcomes but affirms the belovedness of LGBTQ+ persons and families. We are also a learning community, recognizing that we still have growing edges to live more fully into that covenant. It is a strong commitment, central to our identity, that we take into the future with hope and joy.

Weekly Bible Readings
Within the Worship-to-Go booklet are some general Bible reading options, but if you’d specifically like to connect with what is read in worship and reflect on those.


Four Strategic Directions
View PowerPoint presentations highlighting the ministries of the MCC and its Four Strategic Directions. Click on a link below to download.

1) Deepen people’s connections to God and encourage practices that feed
    their spirits and equip them for their life journeys. Click here.

2) Strengthen and Build relationships within mcc, and foster an open and
    welcoming environment. Click here.

3) Care for creation and help others to do so as well. Click here.

4) Focus on meaningful partnerships that work for justice and enhance
    the quality of life for people around us. Click here.

Links of Interest
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Worhsip in the Round    Worship in the Round

Community of Hope, UCCOur Roots
In 1957, four denominations rooted in the Protestant Reformation joined together to form the United Church of Christ. Its member churches live in a loving covenant with one another and with God as revealed in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This covenant preserves the autonomy of the local congregation. The unity that we seek requires neither an uncritical acceptance of any point of view nor a rigid formulation of doctrine. We believe in responsible freedom—we embrace individual expressions of faith, and the individual questioning and seeking of God’s presence in our lives. We believe that we are called to minister to others and seek to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, God with us.

Worship at Community of Hope, UCC
10:15 am During the School Year
  9:30 am Memorial Day-Labor Day

Community of Hope, UCC
    Worships in the Covenant Room

MCC Worship includes
    Prairie Roots
        led by our own Prairie Reckoning Group
    Taizé Service
    Hymn Sing Service

*Prairie Roots: Formerly known as "Prairie Reckoning," we have chosen a new name that reflects who we currently are and what we currently do: we play "roots" music (country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues) that is rooted in our Christian faith. In addition, we like the symbolism - knowing the amazingly deep and complex root systems of prairies.

Worship in the Round

What Are Others Saying About Us?
Four videos were created for our Stewardship Campaign featuring people who use our building talking about how the presence of the MCC makes a difference to them. Click here to view these videos.


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