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About Madison Christian Community

Madison Christian Community Umbrella Strategy
Approved by MCC Leadership Team, September 22, 2011

Purpose Statement
The purpose of Madison Christian Community is to:
Live faithfully and lovingly with God, neighbors, and creation.

Guiding Principles
  •  Nurture deep spirituality and generosity
  •  Work in environmentally responsible ways
  •  Cultivate hospitality and meaningful connections
  •  Engage one another, neighbors, and the wider world in action
     to improve people’s lives
  •  Inspire gratitude, creativity, and joy

Strategic Directions
  •  Deepen people’s connections to God and encourage practices
     that feed their spirits and equip them for their life journeys
  •  Strengthen and build relationships within M.C.C.,
     and foster an open and welcoming environment
  •  Care for creation and help others to do so as well
  •  Focus on meaningful partnerships that work for justice
     and enhance the quality of life for people around us

Reconciling in ChristAdvent Lutheran Church is a
Reconciling In Christ Congregation

God is Still Speaking

Oakwood Outlook Article

Article from the Oakwood Outlook About
Advent Lutheran Church!

Click here to download.


A Word About Our Partnership & Mission—
Community of Hope, UCC and Advent Lutheran ELCA are in an ecumenical partnership and together we are the Madison Christian Community. We own our church building together, have a common budget, share in the education programs for all ages, fellowship events, youth ministry and worship together throughout the year. Each congregation also has a life of its own.

Community of Hope is an Open and Affirming congregation and Advent is a Reconciled in Christ congregation. Our community welcomes people of all ages, denominational backgrounds, abilities, races, gender identities and sexual orientations.

May our community be a sanctuary for all where diversity is welcomed as a gift from God!

What Are Others Saying About Us?

Four videos were created for our Stewardship Campaign featuring people who use our building talking about how the presence of the MCC makes a difference to them. Click here to view these videos.

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