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This Gifted Land
David Keesey-Berg
"We begin with the land because the land was here, as a gift from a bountiful Creator, before the first human eyes gazed on its beauty and the first human feet walked on the soft earth that surrounds us in this holy place. When I stand at the beginning of the Labyrinth path behind our church, I sometimes feel like I can sense the presence of those men, women, and children who first passed this way. I picture them kneeling down and placing their hands reverently on the soft, warm earth. I sometimes feel like I can hear echoes of their prayers."
Read this beautifully written article in it's entirety. Click here.

Click here to read some reflections by the author on the writing of
"This Gifted Land"

History of Land and Land-Use Decisions
In 2010, the Wisconsin State Journal featured MCC in this article to help you with a brief encounter on the history of land, how we’ve made land-use decisions, and why.
Click here to read this article.

Earth Day Cleanup
Successful Earth Day Cleanup! 
In less than an hour, we picked up 5 bags of trash, threw countless toys back over the fence to Kindercare, hauled tree décor and brush to the curb, AND ate GIANT pickles on a stick! Then, we played.

Solar Array
In August, 2014, MCC completed a 64-solar-panel array. The electricity generated by the solar array will reduce dependence on non-renewable sources of energy by 35% reducing CO2 emission by 24.8 tons/year. Our appreciation is extended to H&H Electric for their fine work in providing accurate information to a competent team of employees. H&H also assisted us in securing a grant for $11,000 from Focus on Energy to help defray the costs. You can observe our solar production data any time at on the internet at .

Prairie RestorationPrairie Restoration
Maintaining the prairie since 1983 has been a cooperative effort by members of the Madison Christian Community. Some helped to hand- gather the seeds from remnant prairies along railroad tracks and from "goat prairies", hillsides too steep to cultivate. In the spring church members burn the prairie to stimulate native plants and control non-native species.

We are committed to providing a space for plants that have been in our land for thousands of years and which have developed unique ways of surviving the extremes of the Midwest: heat and drought in summer; wind and frigid temperatures in winter; and occasional fires that swept through in spring or fall. Click here to learn more about Prairie Restoration.

Environmental SustainabilityIdeas for Environmental Sustainability
Check out these ideas from the Enact (Ecoteam) guide for better environmental sustainability. The Ecoteam program was created by Global Action Plan for the Earth.
Click here for Ideas for Environmental Sustainability

Caring for Our Corner of CreationCaring for Our Corner of Creation
What is a “Sense of Place?”

“Caring for Our Corner of Creation” is a study-action program designed to help congregations carry out mission and ministry with a deepened, enriched, and engaged sense of place. Click here to download a PDF of this program.

Church On EarthChurch on Earth: Grounding Your
Ministry in a Sense of Place

This book about cultivating spiritual, social and ecological relationships is available from Agusburg Fortress. Click here.

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