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Weekly E-Letter
Each week, MCC sends an email newsletter with details about worship; congregational events, activities and opportunities; information about happenings in the community and wider church; and more. You can subscribe to this free e-letter! Click here.

Art Wall
Community of Hope member Elizabeth Inglis' beautiful oil paintings now adorn our Art Wall in the Shalom Room. Beth says, " My pleasure with oil painting continues, even as the painting process gets more challenging." You can learn more in her artist statement in the Shalom Room or on either of her websites huesandvalues.com and valuesandhues.org, where she posts paintings and drawings and writes about art.

Tree Lane Wish List
The west side friends of Tree Lane have put together a January "needs" list for Tree Lane families. Click here to access the list or the signupgenius link to directly sign up. Items can be dropped off in the MCC donation center, and Jean and Ann will deliver them to Tree Lane.

Porchlight Needs Blankets & Breakfast
With this cold weather numbers are increasing at the shelter. They are in need of more blankets. The blankets need to be big enough to cover an adult and be washable - not a “throw” or comforter or something knit or crocheted. Contact Karla Thenneswith questions.

For the past 40 years, members of MCC have provided breakfasts to Porchlight guests six Friday's a year. Our small crews could use some new blood. If you are interested in preparing and/or serving, please contact Ken Streit.

Men's Retreat 2020
February 7-9, 2020 at Mt. Morris Camp & Conference Center
Join us for a laid back weekend set on 200 acres of woodland and prairie. Activities include disc golf in the snow, conversations by the fireplace, hiking (or bring your cross country skis), games, or even catching up on sleep and reading. Everyone is encouraged to choose what they want their weekend to be. We gather together at mealtimes. John Szalkowski (772-5491 orjszalkowski2@gmail.com)

2020 Bible Reading
Pastor Nick has published a guide to read the whole Bible in this year. Hard copies will be available at church, or click here

Racial Justice in Action at the MCC
Opportunities to participate with Jesus in creating a racially just world.

Volunteer with Dane Sanctuary Coalition to Support the Aguilar Family
The Aguilar Aguirre family is settling in well at Orchard Ridge UCC. The congregation, Dane Sanctuary Coalition's Community Resource Team (CRT), Sanctuary volunteers, and Dane County Immigration Affairs Specialist Fabiola Hamdan and her assistant have been meeting the needs related to their housing and connecting the family with the schools, medical services, employment services, and legal help. As the situation has evolved, it has become clear that additional assistance is needed from all of our Coalition partners in two areas:
1.  Volunteers to sign up for a variety of tasks. Volunteers must have attended a Know Your Rights training and clear a background check.
2.  Technical Assistance: Training will be provided. Contact Dorit Bergen if interested.
Administrator for the volunteer scheduling program in conjunction with two others. This is similar to our MSP program, and Emily Wixson is also on that team.
Shift Coordinator to ensure that volunteer shifts are covered using the volunteer scheduling software and that volunteers have what they need for their tasks. There will be a two-hour training for all technical assistance roles.
3.  Funding: The family needs an estimated $800/month to help with basic needs such as food, laundry, phone. If you wish to make an individual, tax-deductible contribution, send a check for Dane Sanctuary Coalition to Orchard Ridge UCC, c/o Pastor Laura Crow, 1501 Gilbert Rd, Madison 53711.

Food Drive for Lussier Food Pantry
First Sunday of the Month
Please remember to make a special effort to bring food for the pantry. Suggested items include canned goods (fruit, vegetables, tuna, beef stew, fruit juice, etc.), also peanut butter, jelly, and cereal. We also need large paper grocery bags. Please do not put pet food in with donations for the Lussier Food Pantry. We do not have facilities to handle fresh produce. For those who prefer to donate money, checks can be made out to the Lussier Community Education Center, designated for the pantry. Dobbin McNatt, Coordinator

Two Minute BibleTwo Minute Bible
MCC member Don Falkos has been working on a new Bible storytelling project to offer Bible stories in two minute episodes. That’s why it’s called “Two Minute Bible” and is found at http://twominutebible.com. Two new stories are posted each week.

Java For Justice
First Sunday of the Month
Coffee can be purchased in 12 oz. ($10) or 4 lb. ($45) bags; regular or decaf; bean, drip or perk. Make your checks payable to Mt. Meru Coffee Project and place them in the envelope by the sign-up sheet in the Shalom Room on the Coffee Table. Your support remains the sustaining force in the lives of many coffee-farming families in Tanzania. Thanks for your continued support.

Faith Formation & Affinity Groups
Fellowship groups, Bible study groups prayer groups and shared interest groups are all found on our Faith Formations & Affinity Groups page. Click here.

Free Weekly Devotional Message; Mondays
Augsburg Fortress sends a devotional message and selection of artwork based on a Bible reading. Interested, click here to sign up.

Boundary Waters Trip 2019
Boundary Waters Group 2019

Annual Meetings January 26
The Leadership Team would like to announce that the annual meetings for the MCC and for Community of Hope UCC and Advent Lutheran will take place
after worship services on Sunday, January 26. In preparation for the Annual Meeting, we invite you to review the reports that not only focus on logistics of the congregation, but celebrate with a glimpse of the amazing amounts of ministry and good work that have taken place in and through our congregation in 2019. Because there is so much to share—more than 70 pages altogether!—we will invite you to do most of your reading through a digital version. Click here for the Annual Report.

Annual Meeting Volunteers Needed
We plan to share sandwiches, fruit, and cookies together between meetings. We hope you can help with the following tasks:
- Setting up tables (tablecloths, moving plates, chairs, etc.)
- Sandwich making
- Cookies/bars preparation (make ahead)
- Children's food prep
- Clean-up
- Tablecloth laundry
If you can help, please email Lois Komai (lois.komai@gmail.com) or call her at: 608-692-3630

Souper Bowl! Souper Bowl!
Mark your calendars. Souper Bowl Sunday is coming to the MCC. 5 soups will be there.
Sunday, February 2nd. After worship. Free will donation. Proceeds will benefit M.O.M. through MCC's participation in Canstruction. https://canstructionmadison.org/event/ Soups will be handmade by MCC High Schoolers with set up and serving by MCC Middle Schoolers. NEW Silent Auction. Bring a can of food to help decorate the center of tables.

Adult Education

Jan 26 – Marie Stolzenburg, daughter of Tom and Director of Mobilization for Nehemiah, will share about upcoming racial justice opportunities

Feb 2 - Both a follow-up to January 26th's local racial justice work and at the start of African American history month, Don Tubesing will lead a reflection on “The Cross and the Lynching Tree” (and no you don’t need to have read or know about the book to engage the hour!)

Feb 9 - Watch next week’s email for upcoming adult sessions, because the organizing group is working hard on spring planning right now (and if you’d like to be part of structuring the semester, you can also join us next Thursday at 6:30 or offer input beforehand to pastors, Annie Engebretsen, Lisa Hofmeister, Tina Hogle, Jed Miller, or Ken Streit).

Confirmation Shopping Trip Stats
The Confirmation shopping trip for Lussier Community Education Center food pantry was a great success! Stats: 4 groups with $84 each. Nearest was $81.32. 251 pounds of food. 199 items Including safe catch salmon, a bag of potatoes, low sodium green beans, chocolate chips, whole grain mac & cheese, buy 5 save $5 Cheerios, salad mix, and one team focused on 48 canned goods

Sunday Adult Discussion
3rd Sunday of the Month at 9:00 am
All are welcome to attend Adult Discussion (formerly “Parent Hour”) the 3rd Sunday of the month, downstairs. Anyone with interest in sharing the challenges and occasional triumphs of parenting is invited. The group is accepting, and always has a robust discussion. Anyone with a commitment to our youth, regardless of parental status, is encouraged to join us!

Majestic Meaty Matthew
Join Pastor Nick for a Bible study on the Gospel we’ll be hearing for the year to help you know what Jesus is up to. We’ll meet Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 from
Through February 19. Come for any or all.

Off the Square Club Donations
You might remember supporting showers for the homeless and others with mental challenges through Lutheran Social Services. Here is a recent article celebrating the work of the Off the Square Club. This past year OTSC lost a generous donor who supplied thousands of dollars’ worth of donated items, which has left a void in how the club can assist members, particularly the over 100 members who are homeless. Here is a list of all needed items:
• reusable coffee cups
• 2 ride bus passes
• Large 3in1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash
• Deodorant
• Men’s underwear sm/lg/xl
• Travel size lotion/body wash
• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Razors
• Cleaning products: bleach, bleach spray, Ajax, windex, toilet bowl cleaner, fabreeze, disinfectant wipes,
• Clothing adult sizes, men and women
If you’d like to donate, you can bring items to church and Pastor Nick will help get them down to OTSC at St. John’s Lutheran.

Be an Accessibility Buddy
You might know James from his tie-dyed shirts or his Packer/Badger lap blanket. You might know him from his bright smile that greets you at the main door, or as the one who’s not afraid to say “Amen” during worship. If not by these, you undoubtedly would have noticed him in his wheelchair with an MCC member at his side to wheel him into the sanctuary and assist him during worship. These MCC members are called “James’s Buddies.” They take turns making sure that James is able to participate in worship each week, a connection that is a joy and life-line for James. He worships with Hope and comes to our individual services as well as shared MCC services. We’re in need of additional folks to rotate into the Buddy schedule. If you’re interested in finding out more about this, contact Pastor Sonja or talk with Julie James.

Boundary Waters
Registration for the high school trip to canoe in the northern Minnesota wilderness June 15-21 is now open! Contact Pastor Nick, Marily Crews, Karen Kuhn, Jill McLeod, or Dean Ryerson.

Holden Village
If you’re interested in joining a group from the MCC to the Washington-state mountain retreat of Holden Village August 9-14, there was still a bit of registration availability this week. $500 for adults for the 6 days and nights in the village. http://www.holdenvillage.org/visit/guest-rates/ Train reservations will be booked soon, if that interests you.

Epiphany Choir 2018
Epiphany Choir Concert 2018 Directed by Jen Striet

Community of Hope UCC

Save the Date!
Community of Hope Members are encouraged to participate in an upcoming, two-part workshop sponsored by the Steering Committee and facilitated by the Wisconsin Conference Conflict Transformation Team. These guided conversations will help us listen to all voices relative to who we are, what we value, and how we communicate. The workshop will take place over two Sundays, Feb 23, 3:30-5:30 pm and Mar 1, 12:30-2:30 pm, with the hope that members will commit to attending both. Look for a letter with more information in the mail. Questions can be directed to the Steering Committee or Pastor Sonja. RSVP here.

Wisconsin Conference Trip to Germany
November 5-16, 2020.
Since 1981, the Wisconsin Conference has had a partnership with the Evangelical Church of Berlin, Brandenburg, and Silesian Upper Lusatia (EKBO). Over the years our partnership has been enhanced by cultural exchanges and intentional theological discussions. A trip is currently coming together to visit our brothers and sisters in the EKBO to explore how our sister churches in Germany identify their mission fields and how they make faithful responses to them. The majority of the trip will be spent in and around Berlin. If you would like more information, please contact David Gaeth at revdavidgaeth@att.net. It is anticipated that the cost of the trip will be in the $1200-1400 range.

Community of Hope: Let’s Dream Together!
In September, the Steering Committee introduced a document called “Desired Future Conditions” to articulate our congregational aspirations as we look ahead to the coming years. You can find a copy of that here.

SWA Shalom
Community of Hope, we encourage all of our members to keep up with the goings on of the closer-in wider church by subscribing to the e-newsletter for our Southwest Wisconsin Association. Click here to send an email to sign up.

Grow in Faith with the UCC Lay Academy
Lay Academy is a ministry of transformation and faith formation offered by the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ. Participants dive into scripture, explore theology, consider God’s presence in their lives and discover fresh ways to speak about and live out their faith in their day-to-day lives. Classes are held throughout the year. For more detailed information, go to www.wcucc.org/layacademy or talk to Pastor Sonja.

Advent Lutheran Church

Bishop Election
A “nomination caucus”, part of the new Bishop Election Process, will be hosted by Advent on February 23. Find out more about the process https://scsw-elca.org/2020bishopelection/.

Blessing Room Baptismal Font

A new addition to our baptismal font is a bowl by potter George Lowe, a Luther College professor and brother-in-law of Kris and Paul Wilkie. The bowl was given in honor of the baptism of their granddaughter Charlotte.


In the Wider Church . . .

Denominational Messages on Iran Conflict
Click to read the recent messages from presiding Bishop Eaton or UCC officers.
ELCA statement on Iran conflict
UCC calls for prayer fasting for peace during Epiphany

Racial Justice in Action Opportunities in the Wider Church and Community

Social Justice Saturday: De-Centering Whiteness in Our Schools
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, at Linden Co-housing on Winnebago Street (107 Sutherland Court). This event sponsored by Families for Justice will focus on ways we can help de-center whiteness in such areas as the Safe Schools Coalition, PTOs, the superintendent search, and upcoming school board elections. Childcare and snack provided. More information

“Black Lives Matter at School” Week

Feb 3-7. The Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action is a great opportunity to learn, take action, and engage with local schools and teachers to center social justice and anti-racism. Click here to read more about it and get a Mini Toolkit of action steps and resources, including “How to Talk to Young Children about the Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles.”

African American History Course
This popular and well-received course sponsored by Justified Anger and the Nehemiah Center is filled. If interested, you’ll need to watch for it again in the future. To hear more about it, you can attend our Adult Ed Forum on Jan 26, when Marie Stolzenburg will be our guest to speak about Nehemiah and their programs.

MOSES Monthly Meeting
Sunday, February 2, 2020, 2:00 fellowship, 2:30-4:30. Meeting location to be announced.

How to Educate Yourself & Get Involved
Check out this link from Nehemiah to find resources related to racism and becoming a white ally. There are suggestions for educating yourself and information about how to get involved in Nehemiah’s initiatives.

Witnessing Whiteness Series
Mondays from 6:00-8:30pm at the Sequoya Library, 4340 Tokay Boulevard in Madison. Remaining date: 1/27/2020. You can register here.

Faith & Freedom Tour: Birmingham, Montgomery & Selma
This Wisconsin Council of Churches event to pilgrimage through American slavery and the Black American Civil Rights in Alabama comes up March 13-20 or 20-27, 2020. Cost is $1075 per person, double occupancy, which includes bus transportation from Milwaukee, lodging, tour guide and entrance fees. Register at www.raceandfaith.org. For more information: rhonda@raceandfaith.org (414) 736-0523.


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