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Advent & MCC Featured
Advent and the MCC are featured in the Mission Moment in "What Matters" news from the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin ELCA on the Hearts and Hands Award. If you're not receiving synod news, visit https://scsw-elca.org/communications-and-events/what-matters// to sign up!

Hearts & Hands Award
At the 2019 synod assembly banquet, Pastor Nick and Advent were the surprise recipients of special recognition from the synod. The bishop presented us the “Hearts & Hands Award” for our trailblazing work at the MCC of working in congregational partnership, for 50 years already helping lead the Church into the future. The award will be displayed at church, and you can click here for the text of the presentation. We also received five books from 1517 Media with the award, and these resources for the youngest children to adults looking to engage this faith will be available in one of the library locations soon. (Keep your eyes on book shelves downstairs by the conference room and upstairs by the donation center for new materials!)

New Prayer Path
Signs are now in to guide you on a meditative, reflective walk around the MCC property. Eleven stops feature signs for you to pause and reflect on our environmental ministries and God’s blessing for you amid creation. The Prayer Path was funded largely by gifts for Sonja Keesey-Berg’s retirement celebration and the path celebrates her 23 years of dedicated service to the congregation. There are adjustments to come, but you are welcome to begin enjoying this mindful journey!

Grow in Faith with the UCC Lay Academy
Lay Academy is a ministry of transformation and faith formation offered by the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ. Participants dive into scripture, explore theology, consider God’s presence in their lives and discover fresh ways to speak about and live out their faith in their day-to-day lives. For more detailed information, go to www.wcucc.org/layacademy or talk to Pastor Sonja.

2018 Mission Endowment Grant Recipients
Advent Lutheran Mission Endowment Grant Recipients

Weekly E-Mail News
Email Kaisa Miller, our Administrative Secretary, at mcc@chorus.net to be added to the weekly email announcements to stay up on all the latest events and opportunities.

Dane County Multifaith Council
At the end of August, 2019. Pastors Sonja and Nick were among a large and diverse group invited for a first gathering of some new interfaith work and relationship-building. If you’d like to learn a little more, Nick was invited to write and share a reflection, which was published in the papers in two versions. The longer one can be found here.

South-Central Synod of Wisconsin News
Keep up on current events and news from our synod--click here. If you would like to subscribe to the synod weekly e-letter, "What Matters" contact the synod office at 608-270-0201 or scswoffice@scsw-elca.org.

Connect with Our Community on Facebook
Anyone can visit the public Madison Christian Community Facebook page to read information about events going on at the MCC and see pictures of our beautiful church and our ministries in action. Find us at https://www.facebook.com/Madison-Christian-Community-90156272046/?

Cancellations at MCC
You will be able to find cancellation notices on our website. Please check there to get news of any cancellation

Baking Communion Bread
You might remember the tasty bread that Sunday School students made with Emily Wixson’s help for World Communion Sunday worship at the start of October. It was tasty, still warm, and (of course!) gluten-free. The recipe came from Sonja Keesey-Berg. Since it was so well received, we’re adding Bread Bakers as a Time and Talent option as an alternative to the purchased loaves. It is a simple process, taking less than a half an hour, and we would plan that the church kitchen would be available. (Note that this bread can’t be frozen, and we need to make sure there is no gluten contamination.) You can talk to Sonja or Emily for more information, or find the recipe posted in the kitchen.

Hospitalizations & Pastoral Care
Would you like a pastor to visit? As you’re registering, watch for a question about religion and congregational affiliation. You can list MCC, CoH, or Advent. Our staff will be checking with hospitals regularly. You’re also welcome to tell Pastors Sonja and Nick before you go in, or to ask for other visits and spiritual care you may need at any time!

Children’s Tables in the Blessing Room
Two short tables have been added along the perimeter of the Blessing Room. As we continue striving for our children to be part of worship in ways that are appropriate and meaningful for them, this offers an opportunity for kids of all ages who would like a tactile experience during worship that compliments the scripture passage and the sermon. As Pastor Sonja has also been using in Hope's worship, children of all ages have been able to engage in quiet activity as part of worship. Parents, we ask that you still sit near enough to your child(ren) so that you can still supervise as needed.

Support for Tree Lane Residents
Ann and I participate on a west side neighborhood volunteer group. We meet once a month to plan ways neighbors can connect with Tree Lane families as well as discuss how we can turn negative conversations to positive, engaging conversations. It is a good group of folks and they are so appreciative of the Madison Christian Community's engagement and financial support.

The group is planning a 2-3 week donation drive for Tree Lane residents. The Alicia Ashman library will serve as the neighborhood donation site. If you care to donate any of the items list below, please drop them off in our MCC donation center and Ann and I will get the items to Tree Lane or the library when the donation period ends. Most of these items are needed by all families all the time. Thank you for your help. Jean Einerson and Ann Ward

  • Multipurpose cleaner/ general cleaning products Disinfecting wipes

  • Bathroom cleaner

  • Toilet bowl cleaner

  • Swiffer products & refills

  • Dishwasher soap/tabs

  • HE laundry soap (all in unit washers are HE

2018 Pride Parade
MCC at Madison Pride Parade
If you haven't had a chance, check out the photos from Pride Sunday on our Facebook page.

Sanctuary Grant Received
Community of Hope has received a $2,700 grant from the UCC Justice and Witness Ministries to assist the MCC with costs related to retrofitting our building in preparation to receive a person seeking Sanctuary. With thanks to the national church for this recognition that becoming a Sanctuary congregation helps us live the UCC Great Love of Neighbor as well as our own commitment to live lovingly and faithfully with our neighbors.

MCC Sanctuary Declaration
As a matter of faith, and in solidarity with our undocumented brothers and sisters whose lives and families are being torn apart by immoral immigration policies and enforcement actions, we of Madison Christian Community declare ourselves to be a Sanctuary Congregation. We commit to engage in support, advocacy, and service within our capacity to our immigrant neighbors and, in collaboration with the interfaith community and broader Dane Sanctuary network, to provide physical sanctuary as the need arises.

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