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The Madison Christian Community Youth Group, a group of teens grades 6-12, are members Advent Lutheran & Community of Hope UCC. Coming from Madison's east & west side, Verona, Middleton, Mt. Horeb and other areas, we gather together to celebrate and serve our world through faith development, music, service projects, outdoor adventures, and lots of other cool stuff.

We engage and guide our youth toward faithful lives of compassion and service, while helping them build relationships. Participation in our church community is always encouraged and welcome!

A safe and fun environment is a priority for all who are interested in participating in our activities. Friends are always welcome. Scholarships are always available.

YouthYouth Music

YouthPeer Ministry
Our youth are called to ministry through their soccer team, dance class, choir, orchestra, band, curling club…in all that they do in and out of church! The training of Peer Ministry is critical. The skills they learn gift them with the tools to do ministry and mission to all teens. They learn tools to help others in the midst of emotional emergency, how to navigate conflict, and how to be a good leader and friend.

MCC Youth Fundraise for School SuppliesYouth Donate School Supplies Just in time for School
Amy Huff went with this group of youth to shop for the contents of four sturdy backpacks. $600 had been raised at the Talent Show and used for backpacks & con-tents. They were delivered to the TEP (Transitional Education Program) and were needed immediately. The workers were so grateful for all our coordinated efforts to make this happen.
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MCC Youth... of the Corn! It Was An Absolute Riot!
Corn Maze... Corn in the form of a maze, in the dark = Good Times!
Lisa Johnsen, Kelle Adams, Brian Kuhn and Doug Crews-Nelson led a group of fine MCC youth at Treinen Farm in Lodi, Saturday, October 19th. It was an absolute riot! Happy/crazy energy was abounding as we traced the paths of Treinen's pattern of the year, Owl. I can't imagine having more fun than we had. We might as well quit right now... Just kidding!!! The group was cohesive and fun to be with. Afterwards, we visited Culver's Middleton for goodies. Thanks all for participating!

Check for Photos on “MCC Youth” Facebook Page
If you are on face book, you can search for the group "MCC Youth." This is a group for MCC youth and their families. Its privacy setting is "closed." What that means is: even though this page can be searched for and found by anyone, no one can see members' names or what ap-pears on the page unless they are also a member. Come join us!

How Did the 2014 Alternative Mission Trip to Heifer Ranch
Affect Our Youth?
Jen Streit
From Maria
- "The motto at Heifer was PASSING ON THE GIFT. This really hit home with me, because I remember life as a young girl in El Salvador, where I was born. I remember my family having chickens. With those chickens, we could get eggs to eat and chicks to sell to other families, who would then raise chickens to both sell and eat. And of course, we would also eat the chickens to get protein. While at Heifer, I thought a lot about my life before coming to the US. I realize even more now how important it is to pass on the gift. And, how giving something sustainable really helps a family."

From Rosa - "During the week at Heifer International, I realized that there is enough food and recourses around the world for everyone in the world. But it is not evenly distributed and that is the problem. I learned that one person alone cannot do everything, but when we all come together we can do so many great and wonderful things. Together we can end this problem of hunger. By passing on the knowledge, we can join together as one and work together."

From Aralee - "The part of the Heifer International trip which had the most impact on me was the Idea of Quality of Life vs. Standard of living. Although people in America and other first-world countries are more privileged, that relative wealth does not necessarily mean that we are happier than the rest of the world. Most of the world's population has a much lower standard of living than us, but they also have a higher quality of life because other cultures also have a much stronger sense of community than we do in America. I could nev-er fully understand this idea until the night we spent in the Global village, but being cut off from all modern conveniences, like cellphones (and air conditioning, unfortunately), helped us to come together and interact. As some of us sat around the campfire and cooked a meal for everyone, people from many other groups were playing soccer and singing songs, and even though we had almost nothing, we were having fun just being together. After this trip I believe that having a greater sense of community can make all the difference in im-proving our quality of life."

From Sadie - "We learned about fair trade. People getting fair payment for what they make is awesome."

Thanks, MCC, for all of your generous help - from money to prayers! We had an amazing trip and truly could not have gone without your creative support.

Faith Intersections
Faith Intersections is a web site designed for preteens, teens, and adult leaders to help youth talk about faith and science together primarily within a faith-based setting that engages youth and their adult leaders. Students will be encouraged to further access the website within the home setting with parent(s) or guardian(s) for continued learning between lessons, thus incorporating the learning into daily life. Click here.

What We Do
Faith Development:

Sunday School

   •  Middle School meets every Sunday
      morning at 9:00 am
   •  High School meets the first Sunday of
       the month at a restaurant for breakfast
       at 9:00 am

Confirmation Classes meet the first and third Wednesdays of the month for two years.

Everything we do is connected to faith!

   •  Serving a meal to the hungry at
      Grace Episcopal Church
   •  Preparing food or activities for homeless families in transition
      at The Road Home
   •  Gardening for the Lussier Center Food Pantry
   •  Teaching & assisting Sunday school
   •  40 Hour Famine
   •  Mission Trips (Past trips include: Gulf Coast, Mississippi;
      Staten Island, New York; Milwaukee, WI; Twin Cities, MN)
   •  Fund raising for and purchasing supplies and backpacks
      for homeless youth.

Outdoor Adventures:
   •  Boundary Waters Canoe trip
   •  Whitewater Rafting
   •  Hiking
   •  Sledding
   •  Skiing
   •  Hayrides
   •  Corn maze
   •  Picnics
   •  Backpacking

Just for Fun/Relationship Building:
   •  Attending comedy show at Atlas Improv
   •  Corn Maze
   •  Fast Food Progressive Dinner
   •  International Progressive Dinner on State St.
   •  Games

Guatemala¡Muchas Gracias!
With the generous support of the MCC, seven youth and six adults journeyed to Guatemala June 29 through July 6, 2018. They immersed themselves in Guatemalan culture and assisted with service projects through the God’s Child organization, which works with those who experience poverty in the Antigua area. They labored hard to build houses for two families, distributed clothing to 300 people, served a meal to those in shelter who’d lost their homes due to the recent volcanic eruption, and held babies in the hospital for malnourished infants. Along the way, their own hearts and minds were transformed by the experience.

YouthMCC Youth Facebook Group
We now have another way to keep in touch and keep you updated. If you are on face-book, you can search for the group "MCC Youth." This is a group for MCC youth and their families. Its privacy setting is "closed." What that means is: even though this page can be searched for and found by anyone, no one can see members' names or what appears on the page unless they are also a member. Come join us!

MCC Youth Arts/Music/Sports Event Calendar
This calendar is in the alcove area of the Shalom Room.  There is a water washable marker tied to the poster. Please add your favorite MCC Youth event to the poster, so folks can see Who, What, When, and Where your event will take place!

Remind App
One of the ways we’ve been striving to stay in touch with families and youth is through a cell phone app called “Remind.” To sign up for the group to get text message updates, you can send the message @pastorni to 81010 or share your phone number with a pastor and we can add you.

Summer Camp
Families have many choices for church camp. Here are links to Wisconsin camps operated by our wider churches:
Bethel Horizons –
Lutherdale –
Moon Beach –
Pilgrim Center –
Sugar Creek –

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